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Alan Hodges receives the Undergraduate Student Award of Excellence

Mr. Alan Hodges received the 2016 Undergraduate Student Award of Excellence on July 28 from the Sustainable Waste-to-Bioproducts Engineering Center (SWBEC). The award was presented by Co-Director Dr. Ronald Sims at a SWBEC Conference that hosted the international engineering firm WesTech-Inc. The award recognizes outstanding performance and contributions to the operations, research, and achievements of the SWBEC, and was signed by Dr. Sims and by Co-Director Mr. Issa Hamud representing the City of Logan Environmental Department. Dr. Sims stated that “Mr. Alan Hodges has exemplified a leadership role in planning and executing activities related to multiple research and development projects since 2013 sponsored through the SWBEC.”


The mission of SWBEC is to convert society’s wastes into valuable products to treat water for reuse, protect the public health and the environment, and promote resource recovery, sustainable production of bioproducts of value, and new industries and new jobs in support of economic development. SWBEC was approved by the Utah State University Board of trustees, November 2010, and the State of Utah Commissioner of Higher Education.