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27 September


Dr. Jeffery L. Yarger

Professor of Chemistry, Biochemistry, & Physics
School of Molecular Sciences
Arizona State University

Elucidating the Molecular Structure and Dynamics in Spider Silks and Related Protein-Based BioPolymers

Our research group has made considerable strides in isotopically (2H/15N/13C) enriching a variety of silk fibers from a number of spider species enabling multi-nuclear, multi-dimensional solid-state NMR studies. Using advanced magnetic resonance and x-ray diffraction methods, we are able to get a detailed understanding of the molecular protein structure and dynamics of spider silks. This presentation will provide the groups most recent advances into the structure and dynamics of spider silk as well as other animal silks such as embiids and caddisflies.

Host Randy Lewis
Phone: 435-797-9291