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Welcome to the Vargis Lab!

Image of the Week - 3/24/19

membranesChase and Tessa work with spider silk membranes to build better replicas of the Bruch's membrane in the back of the eye. Sometimes the membranes don't play nice.
(Paterson, 2019)

Find Us!

- Dr. V will be at IBE's annual meeting in St. Louis, MO April 4th-7th, 2019 

- Dr. V will at ARVO's annual meeting in Vancover, BC April 28th-May 1st, 2019

Spring 2019 Lab Meetings

Monday, 1:00pm, ENGR 402C

Special topics meetings: 

- Raman applications
- Spider silk - RPE
- Muscle research
***email Dr. Vargis for more information (

Check the Calendar for more details.

Updated 3/29/19

  • - A new paper by Cindy, Morgan, and Jake has been published in Electrophoresis!

  • - Charles' paper based off his master's work has been published!

  • - Dr. V has been awarded a grant from the NIH to fund her work to better understand retinal disease. Check out the press article and then come work with her!

  • - Farhad successfully defended his PhD and has accepted a position at the Neural Stem Cell Institute!

    - Farhad's paper has been accepted for publication in Lab on a Chip - check it out hereAnd it was selected as one of their HOT articles, due to high scores received at peer review.