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Key Request Form

Please read the Key Request Procedure prior to completing this form. -Thank you.

Please include a capital A at the beginning of the number
Pick a Faculty Member
Please select all of the buildings you will need to access.
Please list any buildings you need to access that aren't listed above
Please list each room you will need to access. If you need access to the exterior doors, write OS.
Please select whether you will need a key, a Prox Card, or both.
If you already have a Prox Card, please state the card number. This is the first five numbers following the asterisk.
Provide a brief description of why you need access (eg. Capstone Project, Grad Research, BENG 3000 course, etc.)
Please type your full name. By typing your name and submitting your request, you are agreeing to all the terms and conditions listed on the Key Request Procedure page:

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