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Yu Huang

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Biological Engineering

Assistant Professor

Assistant Professor


Biomedical Engineering


I have been an Assistant Professor at USU since July 2016. Before then, I was an Assistant Professor at the University of South Dakota for nine months.

Teaching Interests

BioMEMS, biophysics, microfluidics, tissue/cell engineering, biomaterials

Research Interests

BioMEMS is an interdisciplinary research that uses microfabrication technology to address biomedical needs. My lab is particularly interested in the microtissue engineering of neuron, tumor and stem cell. The application includes neuroscience, neuro-engineering, regenerative medicine, cell assay, and cellular therapy.

Contact Information

Go toOffice Location: ENGR 402Q
DialPhone: 435-797-5379


Outstanding Undergraduate Advisory of the Year, 2017

Biological Engineering Department, Utah State University

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          • Zhu, G., Huang, Y., Bhave, G., Wang, Y., Hu, Z., Liu, X., (2016). In situ growth of fluorescent silicon nanocrystals in a monolithic microcapsule as a photostable, versatile platform. Nanoscale, 8:34, 15645–15657.
          • Xu, R., Zhang, G., Mai, J., Deng, X., Segura-Ibarra, V., Wu, S., Shen, J., Liu, H., Hu, Z., Chen, L., Huang, Y., Liu, X., Ferrari, M., Shen, H., , , (2016). An injectable nanoparticle generator enhances delivery of cancer therapeutics. Nature Biotechnology

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                  Scheduled Teaching

                  BENG 2330 - Engineering Properties of Biological Materials, Fall 2016

                  Graduate Students Mentored

                  Jefferson Pontsler, Biological Engineering, November 2016