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Discover BE

Discover Biological Engineering (DBE) is designed to involve attendees in discussions and activities to learn about: (1) the Basic BE Toolbox, (2) projects and laboratories where they can gain practical experience as undergraduates, and (3) career opportunities and future technologies. The Basic Toolbox topic describes fundamental, applied, and elective coursework in the BE academic program at USU. Some illustrative courses include biochemical engineering, biosensors, bioinstrumentation, bionanomanufacturing, metabolic engineering, synthetic biological engineering, and synthetic biophotonics.

Students at all levels of their education (freshmen through senior) are encouraged to participate in research and testing projects directed by faculty and graduate students. DBE students tour laboratories investigating bioenergy, bio-inspired nanomaterials and nanodevices, spider silk, pyrolysis, pharmaceuticals, and bioplastic production from bacteria, and learn about opportunities to get hands-on experience when they attend BE at USU. Industry perspectives are provided by local and state-wide representatives who provide career information and give examples of the roles of biological engineers in designing, building, and testing devices and processes that build new technologies. Lastly, future technologies being developed by biological engineers are presented in areas of planetary exobiological engineering (Mars Mission), smart clothes, photodynamic therapy, and noninvasive human body monitoring.

We plan to continue to offer the opportunity for high school students who are interested in discovering more information about the exciting field of biological engineering to attend the DBE, each year.  For more information please contact Mr. Levi Sanchez at his E-mail address: