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IGEM Research Lab

Major Professor: Charles Miller
Location: SER 124
The Science and Engineering Research (SER) building room 124 is home to USU's iGEM team. Every summer USU's iGEM team meet in this room to design, test, and build the iGEM project. In the fall the team will compete with other teams from across the world at regional and world jamborees. 

The International Genetically Engineered Machine Competition (iGEM) is the premiere Synthetic Biology student competition and the largest Synthetic Biology conference in the world.

The purpose of iGEM is to determine if simple biological systems can be built from standard, interchangeable parts. The USU iGEM teams use standardized biobricks to design and build genetic machines. The broader goals of iGEM are to enable systematic engineering of biology, to promote the open and transparent development of tools for engineering biology and to help construct a society that can productively apply biological technology. The iGEM experience provides students an introduction to Synthetic Biological Engineering.
For more information please visit USU's iGEM website: 

USU team results and wiki

2015 - Siver Medal




2014 - Gold Medal  

"Stain Busters"

2013 - Gold Medal 

“AMPed Up E. coli”

2012- Gold Medal, Best Engineering BioBrick, Best Manufacturing Project, Regional Finalist


2010 - Gold Medal  

“Cyano Bricks”.

2009 - Gold Medal  

“BioBricks without Borders: Investigating a Multi-host Vector and Secretion of Cellular Products”

2008 - Bronze Medal 

“Efficient Systems for Monitoring Polyhydroxybutyrate Production in Microorginisms”