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Cynthia Hanson

Cynthia Hanson

Major Advisor: Elizabeth Vargis

Doctoral Student

Contact Information

Office Location: SANT 004A, EL032, or SER 113


Traditional bacterial identification methods take one to two days to complete, relying on large bacteria colonies for visual identification. For bacteria with unfavorable doubling times, analysis can take much longer. For example, several bacteria strains have very long doubling times or may be viable but nonculturable (VBNC). Mycobacterium, the genus responsible for tuberculosis, often have long doubling times with some species taking weeks to grow. To decrease the analysis time of bacteria, a means is needed to isolate and concentrate bacteria from a sample for subsequent identification. My work aims at decreasing the analysis time of bacteria using dielectrophoresis to isolate bacteria and Raman spectroscopy to identify bacteria.