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Yessica Castro

Yessica Castro

Major Advisor: Foster Agblevor

Doctoral Student


Obtaining valuable products from environmental remediation waste is an interesting approach that has been capturing the attention of scientists worldwide. Biogas and fertilizers production from anaerobic digestion is an ecologically friendly process that generally utilizes manure and agricultural waste as feedstock. Even though, the production of biogas and fertilizers from anaerobic digestion of biomass has been reported, studies using standardized microbial load as inoculum for fermentation of invasive water hyacinth from tropical waters are limited. Thus, research on the identification of the microorganisms that generates biogas and fertilizer from Eichhornia sp. is needed.
The purpose of this project is to improve the generation of valuable products to be acquired from water hyacinth found in eutrophic rivers of Dominican Republic, through a simultaneous biogas and fertilizer production by anaerobic digestion (AD). Characterization, pretreatment, and digestion of the Eicchornia species found inOzama and Isabella rivers for biogas and fertilizerproduction, are the focus of my research. The execution of this project is possible due to the financial support of the Dominican government throughFONDOCyT, and is expected not only generate valuable information for the scale-up of the water hyacinth’s anaerobic digestion integrated system but also contribute to the Dominican development through sustainable ‘from waste to product’ technologies.