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Welcome to the Vargis Lab!

Image of the Week - 9/9/18

gearLori laser cut a new gear for her mini-rotating cell culture system at the Idea Factor (Caldwell, 2018)

Fall 2018 Lab Meetings

Tissue Engineering / Spectroscopy (all research topics): Friday, 3:30pm, ENGR 402C (starting 9/7/18 weekly)

Spider Silk - RPE Meeting (subgroup): email Dr. Vargis for more information (

Muscle Research Meeting (subgroup): email Dr. Vargis for more information (

Check the Calendar for more details.

Updated 9/19/18

  • - Charles successfully defended his MS! Congrats!

  • - Chase Paterson won Best Poster Presentation in the Engineering Discipline at USU's Student Research Symposium!

  • - Dr. Vargis' paper from her PhD has been published. Check out that pub and all the rest!

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