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Biomaterials & Nanomaterials Laboratory

Lab Meetings Wednesdays 3:00 to 4:30pm ENGR 402C

Lab Director: David W. Britt

List of Publications (>70 peer reviewed publications):

Biological Engineering Students:

Graduate Researchers

Postdoctoral Associate:
Abul Bashar Mohammad Giasuddin (Shameem)

University of Utah Biomedical Engineering Affiliation

Undergraduate Researchers

  • Devan Kunzler
  • Christina Morgan
  • Cassie Behe
  • Shaylen Skidmore
  • MK Jones
  • Brock Redman
  • Cameron Murray
  • Jonathan Valiente
  • Kyle Jones

self-assembled organo-silane nanobeads

Research Areas:

  1. Biomaterials and interfacial processes
  2. Directing protein structure-function and self-assembly
  3. Nanoparticle interactions with beneficial microbes and plants, and agricultural applications.

Summer 2018 Bio-Nano Engineering Outreach -- USU Biotechnology Summer Academy

CIB Summer Biotechnology Academy in BENG
Matt Potter (left) and Cassie Behe (right) welcome high school students from California, Idaho, and Utah in our lab to research plant microbiomes and biofilm formation

NEWs: USU Awarded $1M for MESAS Program to Continue Summer Outreach (NASMP) Efforts.

STEM Outreach with Support from NSF-CBET Award #1335550:

Outreach activities to engage and inspire students from all backgrounds to succeed in STEM disciplines. The Britt Lab hosts high school students each summer through the USU Biotechnology Academy. The lab also is active in the USU Native American Summer Mentorship Program (NASMP), and has hosted Native American students from the USU Regional Campus in Blanding, Utah every summer since inception of the program in 2012. In 2017, Dr. Britt and Dr. Anne Anderson from the USU Department of Biology developed an 8-week summer research experience for undergraduates (REU) program titled, Plant-STEM. This program served underrepresented students from 2-year colleges, allowing them to explore novel methodologies used to stimulate plant growth under abiotic stress. An interdisciplinary approach introduced the participants to nanotechnology, plant-microbiome functioning, and soilless growth platforms--the program culminated in student-designed and conducted projects.

Local news coverage of student presentations can be seen here: Plant-STEM NASMP video coverage, HJ News Article.

Summer 2017 8-week Plant-STEM REU

Harvesting plants to assess effects of micronutrients on growth

Dr. Bruce Bugbee sets the stage

Dr. Bruce Bugbee discusses the challenges and opportunities in sustainable food production

Excursion in Logan Canyon

Learning outside the lab: Excursion in Logan Canyon

Plant-STEM Research Summary Poster

Past Advisors:

  • Stefan Hell (as Post Doctoral Fellow)
  • Dietmar Möbius (as Post Doctoral Fellow)
  • Vladimir Hlady (as Graduate Student - Ph.D.)