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Citizenship Award 2014

Rex Plaizier

The 2014 BE Citizenship Award went to Mr. Rex Plaizier President and CEO of WesTech-Inc., with M.S. Degrees in Mining Engineering and Business Administration and a 27-year career with WesTech.

Mr. Plaizier has served the BE Department as a member of the Industry Advisory Board (IAB) for seven years and served as Chair of the IAB in 2009 and 2010, years when the department was in transition from an irrigation emphasis (Biological and Irrigation Engineering) to the current emphasis on engineered cellular processes. The IAB plays a critical role in the evaluation of the BE academic program for ABET accreditation and Mr. Plaizier prepared the IAB reports in support of the changes to the BE curriculum during the critical years of transition.

Under Mr. Plaizier’s leadership, WesTech has also sponsored several undergraduate student projects in the BE Department and has hired eight BE students, including undergraduate and graduate alumni. Recently, Mr. Plaizier announced that WesTech will open three offices at USU’s Innovation Park, staffed with BE alumni, and plans to expand collaboration with the Sustainable Waste-to-Bioproducts Engineering Center (SWBEC).

The BE Department expresses appreciation and gratitude to Mr. Plaizier for the important role that WesTech has played under his leadership in the history of the development of the BE Department and will continue to play in the future of the Department.