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Michael Mellott (B.S. 1997) credits his time as an undergraduate in USU’s Biological Engineering department with giving him the critical thinking and creative problem solving skills that he uses as a Process Technology Development (TD) Engineer with Intel Corporation in Hillsboro, Ore.

In his position as a Process TD Engineer, Mellott is responsible for the design of frames and structures for Intel’s products. Frames are the spaces that surround a chip and are used to house layered structures for manufacturing and testing. According to Mellott, these structures are integral for testing and alignment. “It’s kind of like a jigsaw puzzle,” he said. “If one layer is a different size than the rest, it won’t fit together.”

Mellott began working for Intel in 2001, after earning a PhD in chemical engineering from Texas A&M University. He started as a process engineer, making computer chips. He has worked in several positions within Intel, and has held his current position for the past two years.

While at USU, Mellott enjoyed the variety of courses offered. He particularly enjoyed taking a biosensors class that allowed students to use equipment in the field. “A lot of it was different than the normal academic course work,” Mellott said. “That was definitely a different class…it was fun in its own way.” He also worked on student research using biosensors to detect pathogens.

In his spare time, the Huxley, Iowa, native spends time with his two teenage sons. “They keep me very busy. I like to be involved in their activities,” he said.