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Amy McManus (B.S. 2004, M.E. 2006) began her engineering career in the wastewater industry, but thanks to a connection with another USU BE alum, she discovered a rewarding career as Regulatory Affairs Specialist with Bard Access Systems in Salt Lake City, Utah.

McManus received her bachelor’s degree in biological engineering and her master’s degree in environmental engineering. After two years working in the wastewater industry, she began applying for positions in the medical device industry. USU BE alum Matt Draper worked at Bard Access Systems, and according to McManus, he was a good network resource for her. Her undergraduate focus on biological sciences and her fellow Aggie alum helped her land a job as a Research and Development Engineer at Bard.

During her three-and-a-half years as an R&D Engineer, McManus worked on new product development as well as safety and effectiveness training. According to McManus, a fulfilling part of R&D engineering was developing useful products. “When you’ve been able to get a product to market that fulfils a market need and that the customers truly value what you’ve put out there, it shows in your sales for your company,” she said.
Three years ago, McManus began working as the company’s Regulatory Affairs Specialist, her current position. “I define regulatory affairs as the liaison between the company and the FDA (Food and Drug Administration),” she said. “Regulatory affairs is good at summarizing everything and basically creating a story to give to the FDA. R&D engineering provides the basis for the story.”
According McManus, the diversity of disciplines in USU’s Biological Engineering program spurred her to choose the path of a biological engineer. “Truly it was this kind of hybrid between chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, environmental engineering, with a strong emphasis in biological sciences,” she said. “That’s really what motivated me.”

When she’s not hard at work, the Clearfield, Utah, native enjoys participating in all manner of outdoor activities with her husband. The couple’s latest adventure is planning an “overlanding” trip. Overlanding involves setting up a vehicle for a weeklong trip and being self-sustaining in the woods or desert. They are currently planning their first overlanding adventure in Moab, Utah. McManus said that the springtime excursion “will be epic, that’s for sure.”